Quality of Aluminum Die Casts Has Great Influences on Performance of Mechanical Products
Posted: 02/19/2016 05:07:22  Hits: 78
Aluminum die casting has excellent mechanical and physical property. It has comprehensive property cooperating with different strength, hardness and toughness. It also has one or several particular performances, such as wearing resistance, high or low temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. 

Aluminum die casting has wide weight and dimension range. The lightest weight is only several grams while the heaviest weight can reach 400 tons. The thinnest thickness is only 0.5mm and the thickest thickness can exceed 1m. Length ranges from several millimeters to ten more meters, which can meet requirements in different industries. Generally, appearance quality of aluminum die casting can be judged by the roughness on surface through being compared with sample piece. Tiny cracks on surface can be inspected by using color or magnetic powder. Internal quality can be inspected or judged by using voice frequency, ultrasound, eddy, X-ray and γ-ray.

The quality of aluminum die casting has great influence on performance of mechanical products. For example, wearing resistance and dimensional stability of aluminum die casting used for machine tool have direct impact on precision and service life of machine tool. Precision of dimension and lines and surface roughness on impeller of pump, shell and lumen of hydraulic parts have influence on work efficiency, energy consumption and cavitation of pump or hydraulic system. Strength and chilling or heat resistance of die casting on cylinder, cover, sleeve, piston ring and exhaust pipe of internal combustion engine directly impact service life of engine. 

Aluminum die casting firstly adopts sand casting. The main reason is that sand casting has low cost, simple production process and short production cycle, compared with other casting methods. When wet type cannot meet requirements, clay stand table dry sand, dry sand and other methods are taken into consideration.
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