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Why is the Die Casting Aluminum Radiator is Famous for its High Price?
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There are different materials of radiators on the market. If you purchase radiators by yourself, you will find that the price of the aluminum radiator is relatively high. Today, we are going to explain why the aluminum radiator is famous for its price among all heating products of heating terminals. 

Prices of aluminum products
A good die casting aluminum radiator is made of aviation aluminum. As an ideal medium for conversion of thermal energy, the aluminum radiator costs 14,000 Yuan per ton, which means its cost is higher than some other materials'.

Thermal conductivity
As for thermal conductivity, thermal conductivity of the aluminum radiator is 237w/m.k. The aluminum radiator has advantages of high voltage resistance and high temperature strength. According to the test of the National Testing Center, metal high temperature strength of the aluminum radiator is 2.27W/Kg℃. The aluminum radiator has characteristics of great heat, fast heat dissipation and high efficiency. With special chimney structures, it only costs 15 minutes for aluminum radiators to make a room warm and comfortable, which is the main factor for more customers choosing aluminum radiators as heating terminals.

Manufacturing technology
The production process of the die casting aluminum radiator is complex. It includes smelting, die casting, burring, pressure test, electrophoresis, spraying and other multiple production processes. Due to easy extrusion, die casting aluminum can be extruded into various shapes. Therefore, the die casting aluminum radiator has novel and beautiful appearance and is decorative. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that die casting aluminum has rich colors and very good appearance after having electrophoretic coatings and painting on the surfaces.

Exterior styling
The aluminum radiator is originally derived from the European market, coupled with a strong artistic influence, high-end, elegant, beautiful, fashionable and other elements. On such an increasingly diversified market, these are the main reasons for aluminum radiators popular among people who keep pursuing the high-quality life .

Other advantages
The aluminum radiator has advantages of being lightweight, convenient for transportation and easy for installation. Meanwhile, there are almost no requirements of water in the systems. The aluminum radiator doesn't need water maintenance. High pressure casting aluminum radiator has the principle of chimney cooling; the air guide is set toward the interior of the house and is opposite the wall. High pressure casting aluminum is made of EN46100 aviation aluminum; the water channel's wall thickness is 2.0mm; the working pressure is below 2.0MPa and equal to 2.0MPa; the service life is 15 years; the water channel is inside the radiator; the radiating fin is exposed for secondary heat radiation and the surface temperature is about 50℃, which can offer you the most comfortable and safe temperature.

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