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UAV: New Field for Mold Enterprises Updating
Posted: 04/25/2016 05:32:54  Hits: 77
In rent years, Chinese mold industry has high growth rate. Making level of mold is improved. Among that, there is no lack of enterprises having excellent performances on large, precise, complicated and long service mold. However, Chinese mold industry has still not entered into a flourishing period yet. Enterprises in industry have different level on R&D and manufacturing of mold, singular marketing channel and limited raw materials supplying, poor consciousness of resources integration. Besides, extensive management, low marketing and efficiency are also main problems existing in Chinese mold industry. As traditional industry, mold industry is faced with the impact of new technologies and the Internet. Mold industry not only has its own limitation, but also be faced with external ordeals. How to update becomes current top priority.

Undoubtedly, although Chinese mold industry is started late, it still has huge market potential, extensive prospect and large development space. Updating means whether the enterprises have greater development and more powerful competitiveness in industry or not.

As traditional industry, mold industry has numerous problems on technology and management, different level on R&D and manufacturing level. It is difficult to import advanced mold manufacturing level and mold manufacturing equipment and enterprise system is incomplete. All of these are internal reasons which limit mold industry to develop. So, mold enterprises should bold in explore advanced production experience and management mode and seeking new management mode. 

Besides management, product is also priority. Owning advanced mold making technology and equipment will become important routine of enterprise for taking opportunities. Mold industry is developing into automation and intellectualization. New commercial activities appear in industry:
Upstream mold enterprises extend to downstream;
The role of technologies in equipment is more and more obvious;
The investment of mold enterprises on equipment modification and soft application pay more attentions to efficiency;
Integration and service become main trend.

To improve technical content of mold products, mold enterprises show their own special prowess: some enterprises cooperate with universities, importing research results and research talents. Or they research new scientific achievements and use the achievement in production, making new mold products having high technical content and high quality.

In addition, some enterprise import most advanced mold making technology and equipment. On the higher mold manufacturing technical platform, enterprises acquire new mold making technology for promoting development through secondary innovation.

Added with advanced technology, the updating of mold industry and enterprises will be more powerful. It is the base for mold enterprises developing deeply and it is also security for their effective market competitiveness.

When enterprises are faced with higher resistance, seeking new development opportunities is becoming an important method to change current predicament. Tightly combining with relevant emerging industries is also an important routine for developing. Holding current relative hot industry can usher in new development.

For example, at present, large numbers of mold enterprises cooperate with UAV enterprises, exploiting new development path. UAV manufacturers supply core developing technology, providing the whole machine solution of UAV to mold enterprises. Or mold enterprises directly cooperate with UAV enterprises deeply. Depending on its own manufacturing capacity, mold enterprises making UAV having their own brands, occupying UAV market.

As current hot high-tech industry, UAV has closed relationship with mold industry. Mold uploading and production cannot be lack of mold manufacturing. If mold enterprise can hold developing blue ocean of UAV, it is also a new manner of updating.

For the mold enterprise having mold uploading and production capacity, provide comprehensive whole structure, appearance and circuits, comprehensive test, customization, output of supply chain, manufacturing supervision and following up guidance. It expected that promote more enterprises having production ability to enter into UAV field in the shortest time, breaking technical barrier and development mode of UAV, integrating industrial developmental assets and helping more enterprises enter into UAV field. Meanwhile, provide more and better choices to customers.

For investment cost in UAV industry, just hundreds thousands RMB can provide solution to customers requirements. For mold enterprises, it will be a new effective development mode for updating. It can not only make mold enterprises elaborate their own advantages, bit also exploit new businesses, enriching levels of products and acquiring better development.

Mold enterprises are faced with updating. They break through successfully and acquire market competitiveness. Or they are eliminated by market. How to successful updating should be considered by every enterprise.
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