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The Most Advanced Finnish Aluminum Alloy Patrol Boat Came Out
Posted: 01/06/2017 05:33:01  Hits: 21
Introduction: Finnish shipbuilding enterprise MarineAlutech releases its newest landing patrol boat WatercatM18AMC. The producer says that the boat is the most advanced landing patrol boat so far and was called a fast boat with many functions which have powerful ability for transportation and equips with efficient countermeasure system.

The new boat was applied to archipelago, coastal area and open water. For it installs effective heating and air conditioning system, whether it is severe cold or intense heat, you can operate freely. The so called many functions means that the boat can be used as military transportation, medical evacuation, landing, inspection and convoy on the sea, participate in a battle and finish the auxiliary task. In addition, it installs a whole navigation and communication systems.

About the power, the new boat was equipped with two main engines with 1150 horse power, Rolls-Royce40A3 the spraying of water type propeller and ZF665 gearbox. The two main engines whose Model number is DI16076MV8 are the newest diesel engines of Scania, which is the most powerful engine in the boat field. The power of the engine has increased many, but Scania says that the practical installation space has declined, it is better for the existing V8 series to update to the new engine platform.

The speed of the new patrol boat can reach 35 nautical mile per hour, the highest speed can get to 45. The navigation limit can be over 200 nautical mile when it is loaded. When it comes to the material, the hull and deck use aluminum alloy material. The hull was design with welding aluminum alloy, divided into seven waterproof compartments to assure its unsinkability. The top layer of the main deck was adopt with composites, so center of gravity is lower, it is more convenient to remove.

MarineAlutech Company is the leading Northern European shipbuilding manufacturer which enjoys a high reputation among fast patrol boat and government ship under 20 meters field by efficient and reliable controllability, long service life and relatively high resell price.
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