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The Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition)2017
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The Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition)2017
Time: October 27-30, 2017
Location: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center
Address: No.1 Expo Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

The Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair is sponsored by Hong Kong Trade Development Council. It has been held for 18 years since 1999, and the 19th Fair will be held in 2017. The largest number of buyers and exhibitors and the high record of volume of trade have made the Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair have the important status in the lighting industry. The Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair has become Asia's largest industrial exhibition, ranking the world's second largest. As the light fixture manufacturer and exporter for the US and European countries, Junying die casting company will surely not miss this opportunity of putting our skill to full use.

2,655 exhibitors from 38 countries and regions came to the Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair 2016, and the Lighting Fair 2016 had good effect. The product area of the Lighting Fair 2017 was arranged reasonably so as to highlight the lighting industry, to accurately grasp the tendency of the global lighting industry and to meet the changing needs of buyers. There are seven product areas such as commercial lighting, home lighting, LED and environmental lighting, intelligent light fixtures and lighting programs, inspection and verification services, trade services and publications and Hall of Aurora. These special areas allow exhibitors to have quick and easy access to the target buyers, resulting in having the greatest benefit of the exhibition.

Jiangsu Xinjie Weaving Co., Ltd
Shanghai Wei Li Xi International Trade Co., Ltd
Vinda Trading Company
Tonghui Household Appliances Co., Ltd
Haining Xilaiwu Textile Co., Ltd
Junying Die Casting Company Co., Ltd

Ranges of Exhibits
1. Industrial and commercial lighting, decorative lighting, LED and environmental lighting, indoor or outdoor lighting, etc.
2. Lighting accessories and parts: lighting control and lighting automation, thermo-sensitive materials, lighting accessories, illuminant and diodes, lighting related products including optical and chemicals and glass casting services
3. Display screens: a variety of advertising lighting, advertising display boards, electronic display screens, etc.
4. Ceiling lights: crystal and glass parts, all kinds of gorgeous decorative ceiling lights and their technology
5. Lighting technologies and services: intellectual property, trade services and publications.
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