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The Future Development Trend of Die Casting on Auto
Posted: 03/14/2016 05:36:04  Hits: 147
In the development history of auto industry, the adoption of die casting parts was paid attention during the design and application of every component. Especially for complicated, large and important components were classified as significant research subject. That meant that die casting industry had insubstitutability on auto. It also showed that the development of die casting industry relied on auto industry to a large extent. In other words, die casting industry has closed relationship with auto industry.

In 1970's, the practice using aluminum alloy die castings as important parts on auto was popularized in the western. Later, the western frapping emission regulation, the requirements for energy conservation and emission reduction were higher and higher. At the moment, finding materials lighter than aluminum alloy die castings as important parts on auto also become one of R&D directions. It is introduced that in nearly ten years, some advanced auto manufacturers have already come up with the thought that uses more magnesium alloy to make parts and made some progresses.

Currently, there are two ways for reducing energy consumption: one, improving power system; two, reducing weight of auto (auto light weighting). Using light materials to manufacture auto parts is the most effective way to realize light weight.

In conclusion, die casting industry in China has the following development trend in the future:
1. Die casting filling process will be improved in both theory and practice.
2. Detecting techniques of die casting technological parameters will be popularized and improved constantly.
3. Automation of die casting will be improved and popularized gradually during production.
4. The application of electronic computer technology will be wider and embedding.
5. Technology of large die castings will be mature gradually.
6. The application of vacuum die casting will extend application of die castings further.
7. The materials used for cavity of mold will be improved significantly. New steels will come up.
8. Magnesium alloy die castings will grow drastically.
9. The application of rapid prototyping will become new hot pints. 
10. The new categories of alloy and their materials will open up a new pathway for the application of die castings. 
11. Forming technology of semi-solid metal will make a new breakthrough.
12. Extrusion casting will extend application of die castings.
13. Complete cultivation of die casting unit will become main models of die casting manufacturing.
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