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Pure Electric Cargo Van LCK5045XXYEV6 with All-aluminum Body
Posted: 06/28/2017 03:03:06  Hits: 9
Pure electric cargo van LCK5045XXYEV6 with all-aluminum body which was created by the independent research and development of Zhongtong was officially completed on "cockleboat"  manufacturing base of Zhongtong in late May. This cargo van is a new generation of pure electric logistics vehicle used for urban logistics industry especially, which was created by Zhongtong. The van body is 6 meters in length; the curb weight is 2.9 tons; the maximum total mass is 4.5 tons; the loading space is 13.5 cubic meters; the power consumption is only 0.25 kilowatt per kilometer. The cargo van is the best choice for logistics transportation in the city.

All-aluminum electric logistics vehicle of Zhongtong Bus was successfully developed in March. This is a special vehicle model which is customized and developed for logistics industry. The vehicle has a lightweight all-aluminum body structure and large loading space. The emergence of the vehicle has increased unlimited possibilities for expansion of Zhongtong Bus in electric logistics filed in the future.

Compared with logistics vehicles which are quite similar to each other on the market, LCK5045XXYEV6 has had its own special "Imprint" since its creation. First of all, it has an aluminum body structure, which is a new try in the pure electric logistics filed for Zhongtong Bus. All aluminum body design minimizes the curb weight, makes the vehicle's body have light weight, and ensures the energy-saving effect. At the same time, full load-bearing truss and welding high strength car beam steel effectively enhance the load capacity of the frame and ensure the stability of the body frame in operation.

 The reasonable design concept and assembly process were adopted in the design process of LCK5045XXYEV6. All designs of components as well as the body structure are assembled in three-dimension in advance for simulation testing, including structure of truss, all embedded parts, electrical parts, chassis parts, interior and exterior parts. In that way, we can prevent interference problems which are not easy to be found in two-dimension design, effectively ensure that each part perfectly fits the body structure, and improve reliability and security of the vehicle.

In addition to the body structure, LCK5045XXYEV6 is also "unique" on the appearance and is different from the traditional logistics vehicles which are featureless. Besides considerations of  the view & comfort of the cockpit as well as the maximum loading space, the external structure adopts cute cartoons, namely, cocked "big mouth" (anti-collision beam), enlarged "nostrils" (headlights) and bright "eyes" (front windshield). All the body parts combine dexterously and make LCK5045XXYEV6 have a great "appearance", which is unforgettable for people and leaves a special imprint for the branding of logistics companies.

Van with All-aluminum Body
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