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New Aluminum Forming Method Reduce Weight of Vehicle
Posted: 01/26/2016 05:49:49  Hits: 89
It is reported that AP&T is developing new aluminum forming method, cooperating together with Raufoss Technology, Hydro Aluminum and SINTEF. The new method will reduce the weight of vehicle significantly, decreasing fuel consumption and impacts on environment further. 

Dr. Christian Koroschetz, the CTO of AP&T considers that the new method has quit high potential.

He expresses, " The objective of cooperative project is to use aluminum forming taking place of chassis parts made of steel or aluminum die casting to reduce the weight substantially. It is calculated that the new method can reduce the weight of chassis by half.”

To realize the objective, production process having high cost effectiveness is needed so that produced chassis parts can meet the requirements of performance. Particularly, intensity and stability cannot be destroyed. The members of project plan to finish deployment of test production line in the next 4 years. Before that, the development of materials, forming technology and production process should be finished. 

Moreover, AP&T will also share the knowledge on mold and production process, taking charge of supplying a complete production line used for producing testing parts. Currently, as part of launching the cooperative project, a metallurgist from SINTEF has already worked in R&D production base of AP&T which is in Ulricehamn, Sweden.
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