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Magnesium Alloy Contributes to Economic Growth
Posted: 06/16/2016 03:40:29  Hits: 14
Magnesium alloy is the metal material having the lightest weight, which is used to make aircraft, spacecraft, rocket and missile. Magnesium alloy is widely used for mobile phone, shell of laptop, ornaments and other die casting products. The metal is also generally used in auto and household appliance. Economic status of magnesium alloy industry has been improved significantly, making great contribution to economic growth in China. 

It is estimated that aluminum ore resources will be exhausted in China within 10 years based on current speed of development. And long-term dependence on aluminum ore import from Australia also adds uncontrollable factors to Chinese supplying. Import price is held by Australia. Once political confrontation occurring between two countries, it will cause great threat to resource supply. In addition, China cannot be able to bargain, because it is a sellers' market.

A report points out that as the lightest practical metal which can be used for structural material, magnesium alloy has higher intensity and rigidity than plastic. And impact resistance is also better than aluminum alloy. Beside, magnesium is green environmentally-friendly material which can be recycled for 100 percent. Based on characteristic of magnesium alloy and proposal of light weight concept in downstream industries, the market demand of magnesium alloy is not limited in aviation, aerospace, chemical industry and rocket. More market demands come from auto, communication and 3C industry. Among that, auto industry accounts for 70%, 3C industry accounting for 20% and other industries taking up 10%.

Magnesium alloy die casting conforms to develop tendency of energy saving and consumption reducing. For example, magnesium alloy has the advantage of light weight, helpful for auto reducing weight and energy. Other advantages include recyclability, no cutting and environmental protection. Demands of electronic products for magnesium alloy grow significantly. Under the tendency that electronic products are developing into tiny thickness and intelligence, magnesium alloy will take place of plastic and other conventional materials. Consumption of magnesium alloy on electronic products will keep a higher growth rate.

Auto is the industry having the highest consumption of magnesium alloy and the best prospect. Global main auto manufacturers like BMW, General Motors, Toyota and Honda are vigorously developing magnesium alloy auto parts. At present, there are more than 60 parts made of magnesium on auto. And magnesium alloy is the widest applied in framework of steering wheel, instrument panel, bonnet of engine, shell of gear box and body. In auto industry, using magnesium alloy to take place of aluminum alloy can reduce weight and decline costs meanwhile, which will expand application of magnesium alloy further. Smart phone, ultrabook and tablet PC represent development direction of 3c products. Based on estimation for adoption rate of smart phone, ultrabook and tablet PC and adaptation competence of magnesium alloy shell to developing requirements of products (tiny thickness, beauty and heat dispersion, replacement of other materials is caused.

Magnesium alloy die casting technology has cost advantages and high production efficiency. There is no bottleneck existing in capacity of supply chain. However, the products have poor surface treatment. Low-end market has already become main market of electronic products, forcing 3C products manufacturer to compete for cost. Magnesium alloy die casting has cost advantage and keeps tiny thickness, which will win more and more markets.

In current the 13th-Five-Year-Plan, China considers magnesium alloy as very important materials. So, China has very great guidance and support on magnesium alloy. For example, in Henan and Shanxi having huge magnesium resources reserves, China has generous subsidy. In fact, besides raw materials development, China also gives great support to processing having closed relationship with magnesium alloy. Support capital can be as much as millions RMB.
Magnesium Alloy Contributes to Economic Growth
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