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Junying Introduces Coordinate Measuring Machine
Posted: 07/13/2016 03:27:55  Hits: 22
Junying Die Casting has already introduced coordinate measuring machine to improve detection efficiency of products, ensuring the quality of die casting parts supplied by us further.
Coordinate measuring machine (CMM for short) is a measuring instrument that uses three-dimensional point for measuring. The principle of coordinate measuring machine that uses probe to touch the edge of workpiece, then, reducing the radius of probe is actual coordinate value of workpiece. Three-axis on common measuring machine is equipped with optical scale. When probe touches workpiece, it sends out signal to capture target coordinate value. After that, required coordinate value or dimensions are worked out through measuring software processing. So, only getting the points according to measuring positions can acquire measured data. Measuring functions of coordinate measuring machine should contain dimensional accuracy, positional accuracy, geometric accuracy and counter accuracy.    
Coordinate measuring machine consists of host mechanical system, probe, electric control hardware system and measuring software
Platform of most of coordinate measuring machine is made of precise granite. Better platform is even made of granite higher than 00 Class. Most of three-axis is also made of granite. Some adopt aluminum alloy or cast iron. Higher class machines use carbon fiber, ceramics or other composite materials. Commonly seen structure is gantry type, others including L-bridge, bilateral bridge and cantilever.
Slide of coordinate measuring instrument is generally classified into ball liner slide and air floating slide. Ball liner slide has larger interference and transformation, less used for larger machine. The current mainstream is air floating slide. The principle is that compressed air forms a layer of micron air layer between air bearing and pathway having low friction force and resistance, also meaning that air bearing is floating on pathway, which can be moved easily.
Driving models are divided into manual driving and motor driving. Measuring methods are classified into 3 kinds:
1. Manual measuring: pull Z axis or swing handwheel manually to move.
2. Electric measuring: move axis is equipped with motor, using rocker or electronic handwheel to control movement.
3. CNC automatic measuring: move axis is equipped with motor, using electronic control system to automatically measure under the order of program.
The coordinate measuring machine imported by Junying is CNC automatic measuring.

Coordinate measuring machine can precisely measure dimensions, angel, shape and location of workpiece and parameters of threads, appropriate for machine manufacturing, precision processing, mold manufacturing, instrument manufacturing, electric industry, plastic and rubber. It can carry out quality test and comparison for mechanical parts, measuring implements, tools, fixture, etc.
Why Junying imports coordinate measuring machine?
1. Common enterprises will not purchase the machine for its high price (ranging from 30,000 dollars to 130,000 dollars). Only corporations focusing on quality are will to purchase it.
2. The machine has the advantage that can measure hook surface which cannot be measured by caliper. For inner depth and corner rapid inspection, the precision is below than 0.0001 inch.
3. The machine can quickly batch inspect plenty of products, raising inspection frequency of QC and decreasing reject ratio significantly.
Junying Introduces Coordinate Measuring Machine
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