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Chinese Mold Manufacturers Should Enhance Cooperation
Posted: 03/09/2016 04:55:37  Hits: 114
Chinese Mold Manufacturers should transfer single and vicious competition into win-win cooperation, breaking the narrow thought that colleagues are enemies. Fair and innocuous competition is maintained on mold market through self-discipline in industry. 

Structural adjustment of mold industry is accelerating, which is shown that the growth rate of large, precise, complicated, ling-life molds and mold standard parts is higher than that of the whole industry; ratio of plastic mold and die casting mold grows; the quantity and capability of special mold manufacturers facing with market are growing faster. The future development direction of Chinese auto mold corporations should pay attention to adjustment and position of product mix, improving the manufacturing level of mold and occupying the market of high-end mold having complicated structure, high precision and high technical content.

It is known that with reform and opening up deepening, attention and support of national concerned departments make mold industry develop faster, adding with publicity and promotion of mold industry association or other social organizations.

During the period of the 12th Five-Year Plan, the general trend of mold market steadily upward. At present, Chinese market has large demands for high-end market and Chinese mold products must meet the customers’ requirements on the aspects of quality and date of delivery. Moreover, household appliances, auto and plastic products have the largest demands for mold. In terms of international market: in recent years the mold industry is transferred from developed countries to developing countries particularly Southeast Asia, due to labor cost increasing, and high precise mold products are mainly manufactured in their own states. The mold products requiring large labor inputs depend on import. So, low-end mold has quite huge potentials on international market. If the quality of Chinese mold products are improved and date of delivery can be ensured, mold has optimistic export prospect. Besides, demands for counterweight and mold standard parts on international market. Nowadays, only a few Chinese counterweights are export.

Although the output of mold products in China is the third largest in the world and manufacturers having good overall level exist in industry, the feature of Chinese mold industry is that technological conditions of manufacturer are uneven, having large gaps. Some are private enterprises or individual households, limited by capitals, sites, technologies, exchange of information and other factors. Some only can manufacture low-end mold depending on traditional equipment or hand-made. It is difficult for importing advanced mold manufacturing technology and advanced mold making equipment which also enhances competition on low-en mold market. Some reduce price at any cost for occupying market while low price must influences quality of products. As a result, it causes damage to customers, colleagues and themselves. 

It is reported that the future developing emphasis of mold industry cannot only meet large demands, but also should have higher technical content, particularly the mold products which cannot be self-sufficiency in China and still need import and large, precise, complicated and long-life mold standing for the future developing direction. Besides, Chinese mold products still have higher price advantage on international market. So, mold products having good export prospect also should become the developing priority.
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