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China Has the Final Say in Global Casting Machinery Standard
Posted: 02/13/2017 11:27:45  Hits: 17
As a great country for casting, China has its own advantages. Not long ago, Jinan Casting Forging Machinery Research Institute has received an official reply from Standardization Administration of China, which is about domestic related companies of International Standard Organization for Casting Machinery Technology Committee(ISO/TC306). On June 15th and 16th, 2016, ISO and TMB held the 66th meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, which officially appointed Jinan Casting Forging Machinery Limited Company as contractors for building the International Technical Committee of Foundry Machinery Standardization. It is the first ISO technical committee that China proposes independently and has its own secretariat. Also it is the first ISO/ TC in Jinan Shandong, which means Jinan casting will determined the standards of global foundry machinery.

Casting is the mother of industry, which has been widely used in various fields of equipment manufacturing industry. Casting industry is the foundation of national pillar industry, which includes auto, aerospace, ship, electricity industries. ISO/ TC 306 provides manufacturers for casting machines and equipment that were used for industrialized cast products.

Recent years, China's casting machinery has entered the ranks of great casting machinery powers due to its great achievement and remarkable progress. Both its production and classification are in the first of world ranking. However, when Casting equipment manufacturing enterprises enter the international market, there are many problems about acceptance standard during the business negotiation. Due to the uneven development of technical level in different countries, there are many differences between technical level and content. Companies need huge translations about related standards of other countries and companies. That greatly increased the cost of production, sometimes it even become a threshold which some companies can't cross.

China is a great casting country and Jinan is the most important casting city. But there are many middle and small scales companies. Casting Manufacturers have been the hardest hit areas of traditional environmental pollution and high energy consumption. We can say that the rapid casting production growth is achieved at the expense of high energy consumption, high pollution and cheap labor. But the main reason is the low grade and low level equipment. This problem can be solved by using casting machinery instead of casting by men, which has advantages of high efficiency, high precision and high intelligence.

The approval of ISO/TC306 represents that China's casting machinery has been recognized by foreign counterparts, which has a great impact on the development of China's foundry machinery industry. It can transform the technology of casting machinery into international standards in time, promote technological progress, improve casting machinery product quality, create brand advantage. Jinan will gather many talented workers from domestic and abroad and become a center of foundry equipment technology innovation. It has great impact for the development of foundry equipment industry and plays an obvious leading role for the transformation and upgrading, going abroad. Also, it plays a supportive role for the expansion of Jinan's global influence, awareness of Jinan City and the construction of regional technology innovation center.
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