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China Die Casting Industry Facing with Challenges
Posted: 02/19/2016 05:01:42  Hits: 137
In China, hardware industries are tightly connecting with each other. As an industry having closed relationship with manufacturing industry, China die casting industry has very optimistic prospect. It is reported that the annual growth rate of die casting mould has already reached 25%, higher than nationwide amount of mould (annual growth rate is 18%). The industry also has formed production cluster whose annual value of production is billions RMB, spreading over the whole nation. 

China die casting industry has huge development potential. Enterprises are constantly making great progress on technology of production and product design. In recent years, they also enter into automation to enhance benefits and competitiveness. However, China die casting industry also faces with huge challenges which accompany with opportunities. Nowadays, auto, electronic industry, metal, aviation and other industries have put forward higher requirements for die casting industry. For example, large auto die castings and molding technology; metal such as copper alloy and stainless steel having high melting point die casting and service life of mold; aluminum high efficiency die cast, equipment and mold; practical and effective computing technology for pouring system; improving reliability of simulation for filling flow of molten metal, ensuring the quality of large precision complicated die castings; rapid manufacturing technology for die mould used for various categories and small amount production with low cost. Facing with the situation, China die casting industry should reply with calmness, equanimity and vigor, meeting the requirements of industries as much as possible.  
China Die Casting Industry Facing with Challenges
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