• Test Methods of Adhesive Force of Paint for Zinc Alloy Parts  
    Posted: 12/04/2017 09:28:21  Hits: 6
    The standard of adhesive force of paint is that the percentage of the amount of the glued finish or the electroplated layer and the grid. Paint adhesion can be classified into five grades. The 0B grade has the worst paint film. If the paint has the 0B grade, the area of falling off paint will be gr...
  • The Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition)2017
    Posted: 10/30/2017 01:44:31  Hits: 9
    The Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition)2017 Time: October 27-30, 2017 Location: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center Address: No.1 Expo Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong The Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair is sponsored by Hong Kong Trade Development Council. It has been...
  • Good News! Junying Has Gained ISO 9001:2015 Certificate
    Posted: 09/12/2017 01:47:24  Hits: 9
    Junying Die Casting Co., Ltd. has gained ISO 9001:2015 Certificate, which enables Junying to provide service for precision metal parts. Our aim is to provide die casting products with high quality and competitive prices to global customers. For more than 10 years' manufacturing experience, our a...
  • Improvements of Aluminum Alloy Electroplating' Pretreatment (Part One)
    Posted: 09/05/2017 03:57:50  Hits: 12
    Many people believe that the main problem of the aluminum alloy electroplating process is the plating adhesion problem; aluminum alloy electroplated parts have various kinds and complicated structures; the plating adhesion problem will be very common to be seen in cavities and backs of aluminum die ...
  • Why is the Die Casting Aluminum Radiator is Famous for its High Price?
    Posted: 08/12/2017 10:03:29  Hits: 15
    There are different materials of radiators on the market. If you purchase radiators by yourself, you will find that the price of the aluminum radiator is relatively high. Today, we are going to explain why the aluminum radiator is famous for its price among all heating products of heating terminals....
  • A Brief Analysis of Die Casting Technology's Development in Recent Years
    Posted: 07/06/2017 09:24:58  Hits: 14
    Although die casts made by the die casting technology can meet operating requirements of most parts, the problem of shrinkage in the die casts is difficult to be solved. The development of extrusion casting technology has greatly improved the above problems, and there are some new technologies in re...
  • Pure Electric Cargo Van LCK5045XXYEV6 with All-aluminum Body
    Posted: 06/28/2017 03:03:06  Hits: 8
    Pure electric cargo van LCK5045XXYEV6 with all-aluminum body which was created by the independent research and development of Zhongtong was officially completed on "cockleboat"  manufacturing base of Zhongtong in late May. This cargo van is a new generation of pure electric logistics ...
  • The 12th China International Die Casting Conference and Exhibition 2017
    Posted: 05/25/2017 05:17:46  Hits: 18
    As a weather vane for the current die casting whole-process and non-ferrous casting production process and equipment development,"The 12th China International Die Casting Conference and Exhibition 2017" and "China Nonferrous Metals and Special Casting Exhibition 2017" will b...
  • China Has the Final Say in Global Casting Machinery Standard
    Posted: 02/13/2017 11:27:45  Hits: 16
    As a great country for casting, China has its own advantages. Not long ago, Jinan Casting Forging Machinery Research Institute has received an official reply from Standardization Administration of China, which is about domestic related companies of International Standard Organization for Casting Mac...
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