Laser Surface Processing Used for Mold
Posted: 01/27/2016 05:30:50  Hits: 91
Using laser surface processing can improve the surface of low grade materials, combining low cost of components manufacturing and high performance of working surface, having considerable economic benefits and social benefits. 

Laser hardening depends on heat conduction of material substrates realizing self-quench hardening without cooling media and relative matching device. It has low cost and cannot cause pollution to environment. 

Surface hardness of parts hardened by laser surface processing is improved by 15%-20%, compared with which processed by conventional quenching. The depth of hardened layer is usually 0.3-0.5mm. If laser having higher power is adopted, 1mm can be realized. Laser hardening has less heat affected zone, low quenching stress and deformation, less subsequent machining allowance. Some parts can even directly used after being processed by laser. 

The energy of laser can be adjusted continuously, having no inertia. Cooperating with numerical control system, laser can carry out partial hardening on those complicated parts or parts which cannot be processed by conventional methods. It also can carry out different laser hardening on different positions of parts. 

Due to those features, laser surface processing is quite suitable for those parts that conventional hardening cannot be used or surface hardening on partial positions. Nevertheless, laser surface processing has its own unique advantages in mold manufacturing. 

In terms of mold manufacturing, laser surface processing combines design, materials choosing, mold making, inspection and repairing. It reduces period of design and manufacturing significantly, reducing cost of production, changing the method of mold making. Finally, it improves the whole level of mold industry. Because of those advantages, current conventional technologies are incomparable with laser surface processing, no matter on technology or economy and service.
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