Effects of Mold Designs on Quality of Aluminum Die Casts (Part One)
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With development of science and technology, requirements of safety and beautiful appearance for die casting products gradually become higher and higher. The quality of the die casting part is evaluated differently based on the application. Today, JY is going to tell you how mold designs affect quality of aluminum die casting parts.

Producing die casting parts with high quality is significant for saving materials and energy, shortening manufacturing time and enhancing economic performance.

Factors affecting quality of die casting parts
There are a lot of factors which can affect quality of die casting parts, and the factors include types and quality of die casting machines, geometric structures of die casting parts, rationality of technical requirements, structures of molds as well as technical levels of the operators.
1. Designs of die casting parts
The designers should firstly and fully know the user's requirements, working conditions and force conditions of die casting parts so as to choose the appropriate materials and learn the die casting performance of the materials. When we design the die casting part, we should pay special attention to the simple structure of the die casting part on the premise of meeting operating requirements. Wall thickness should be appropriately uniform; there should be draft angles, otherwise steel pits, blowholes, shrinkage, cracks, deformation and other defects will occur on die casting parts.

Requirements of die casts' dimensional accuracy should be reasonable, otherwise they will cause trouble for mold designs, mold processing, formulation and management of technological conditions and make a number of die casting products unqualified.

2. Selection of mold structures, machining accuracy and mold materials
Die casting parts are made by die casting machines through die casting processes; therefore, there is no doubt that mold designs, processing and selection of mold materials are closely related to quality of die casting products. If mold structures are unreasonable, it will be difficult to make the die casting product qualified no matter what technical measures you take. Moreover, mold materials, processing accuracy of molds, surface roughness, processing marks, tiny cracks from heat treatments, thickness of nitride layers and improper mold assembly will affect quality of die casting products and service lives of the molds.

3. Shrinkage rates of die casting parts' materials
For die casting parts with high accuracy, when we design the molds, we should pay special attention to shrinkage rates of the materials; if necessary, we can first test the molds and then begin to design and manufacture the molds which can mass-produce die casts after obtaining the required data.
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