Cam Lock Die Casting
Cam Lock Die Casting
Short Description
 Model No.: JY-LP-29    Hits: 15
Cam Lock Die Casting Company in China: Cam Lock Die Casting, Stamping Lock Packing Plate, Stainless Steel Core Drivers, 31 Different Catches, 6 Pins.

Key Specifications / Features

Name: Cam Locks.
Material: Stainless Steel Hollow Interchangeable Core Drivers; Nickel Silver Bottom Pins and Master Pins.
Catches: 31 Different Catches Available.
Pins: 6 Pins.
Manufacturing Methods: Stamping Lock Packing Plate; Die Casting Body and Plug.
Finishes: Body and Plug Chromium Plated Brass.
Application: Inner Safe Doors, Cash Storage Containers, Compartments, etc.

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